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1.75 in. Open x 7.5 in. H. Square Top Pink Round Lip Heavy Bud Vase


1.75 in. Open X7.75 in. Square Top Cobalt Blue Round Lip Heavy Budvase


4 in. H. x 4 in. Op., Clear Heavy Rounded Vase Lip Glass Cylinder


4 in. H. x 4 in. Op., Square Lime, Purple, Pink Vase Cube w/Heavy Rounded Lip Cube Assortment


4 in. x 4 in. x 6 in. H., Square Heavy Rounded Lip Vase


4.75 in. H. x 4.75 in. L x 4.75 in. W., Clear Heavy Square Rounded Lip Cube


5.75 in. H. x 5.75 in. L x 5.75 in. W., Clear Heavy Square Rounded Lip Cube


6 in. H. x 6 in. L x 6 in. W., Clear Square Rolled Lip Heavy Glass Cube


6.25 in. x 3.25 in. H., Square Heavy Rounded Vase Lip Clear Glass Low Dish


7.5 in. H. x 1.75 in. Op., Square Heavy Pink Frost Round Lip Bud Vase


8 in. H. x 5 in. Op., Clear Rounded Lip Gat Vase

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